Building Surveys

Here at JLP we carry out Floor Plans, Elevations to existing buildings from Housing to Offices (Office Complex) large industrial Buildings.

Measurement achieved via Total Stations using Reflector Less and Laser dot measuring techniques, Laser scanner and Photo Imaging.

Street scenes also produced and Sections through the exiting Buildings.

Direct Reflex

Direct Reflex (DR) measurement has revolutionised the surveying industry by allowing elector optic distance measurement without cooperative targets or prisms. DR enables surveyors to accurately measure remote points without first locating a physical target at each point. DR therefore opens new possibilities for one-person surveying, increased productivity, and improved personal safety. JLP has harnessed this technology for several surveying applications such as building elevation surveys, tunnel profiling, and the safe positioning of points in active highway and rail corridors.

3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanner Technology is also named “real scene copying technology”, and it can be used as a scanning operation in any complex environment or space. It can directly collect 3D data of any largescale, complex, irregular, standard or non-standard object or scene to computers, and then quickly build a 3D model and cartography data such as line, surface, body and space. Also, the 3D Laser point cloud data can be post-processed, providing invaluable mapping, measuring, analysis and simulation possibilities. It is the most effective way to quickly get the data of an observed object.

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Recent Projects

  • Dubrovnik, Hotel Major

    Dubrovnik, Hotel Major

    Topographical Survey to Hotel Major, Dubrovnik Croatia. Full building surveys were also carried out to show the existing floor plans and elevations. Included on this project was a Topographical Survey on the island of Mijet.Read More »